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English Curriculum

Our English curriculum focuses on improving students' language skills through personalised lessons that cover grammar, vocabulary, reading comprehension, writing, and speaking, in a comprehensive and interactive manner.

Phase 1: Reading and Comprehension

  1. Developing reading strategies and critical thinking skills

  2. Analyzing texts, including fiction and non-fiction

  3. Understanding the use of figurative language, such as metaphor and simile

  4. Building vocabulary through context clues and word associations

  5. Improving comprehension through discussion and summarization

Phase 2: Writing Skills

  1. Improving sentence structure and grammar

  2. Developing writing skills, including descriptive, narrative and persuasive writing

  3. Understanding the writing process, including pre-writing, drafting, revising and editing

  4. Improving writing techniques, such as using vivid verbs and descriptive adjectives

  5. Learning how to write for different audiences and purposes

Phase 3: Speaking and Listening

  1. Improving pronunciation and intonation

  2. Developing public speaking skills, including tone, volume and eye contact

  3. Improving active listening skills, including paying attention and asking questions

  4. Building confidence in speaking and participating in group discussions

  5. Understanding the importance of non-verbal communication, such as gestures and facial expressions

Phase 4: Literature

  1. Understanding literary elements, including character, plot and theme

  2. Analyzing literary texts, including poetry, drama and prose

  3. Understanding literary techniques, such as imagery and symbolism

  4. Improving critical thinking skills through literary analysis

  5. Building a appreciation for different genres of literature

Phase 5: Creative Writing

  1. Developing imaginative and original writing skills

  2. Experimenting with different forms of creative writing, such as poetry and fiction

  3. Understanding the art of storytelling and plot development

  4. Improving writing skills through descriptive language and figurative language

  5. Building confidence in creative writing through constructive feedback and revision.

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